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06 July 2016 @ 09:38 am
couldn't reply-again..not working  
sorry for the extra post..
so I gained 2lbs by following my diet so I'm pretty desperate. think I gained bc I'm depressed. I'm going to try the gross pills I think and sit here with my water all day. they are guaranteed a 2lb loss (usually).. :(
eta: so far after taking tem just nasal dripping/I'm cold so grabbing a blanket. I can feel the addition of garnicia bc the pill feels like a gummy bear in my tummy bc I typically drink two glasses of water right when taking- dmaa is dehydrating. slight increase in attention nothing crazy noticeable yet. if it's not noticeable soon I'm gonna go make a green tea. has only 100 of caffeine but I don't want to chance anything.